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Nylon Filament Thread

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Product Description

Filament thread is made from continues filament twisted single yarn and then together for
make sewing thread. High tenacity filament is used for this purpose; usually give lustrous 
looks and gives high strength and high elongation which are required in some heavy stitching 
and also on embroidery. Different denier’s thicknesses are used for different purposes. Both 
Nylon 6 and Nylon 66 is available for this purpose. 


High strength tensile strength then spun polyester yarn 
Normally used in heavy garment like leather stitching. 
Gives very shinny look.
Very stable and less effected due to moisture effect.

Articles Available

Serial Count Ply
1 70 2
2 100 2
3 210 2
4 210
5 210
6 210